Working Koolies in Finland

Li and Dawn

 Li and Dawn have something special. I have seen many differend breeds but it is difficult say why im like my dogs so much!

'' I have grown up and lived on rural properties all my life where dogs were used daily work sheep and or cattle. They handle livestock quietly but with authority, they are extremely intelligent, loyal and have natural working instincts. They will adapt to any discipline that is asked of them, and give their best. The Australian working Koolie have and always will be the only breed for mem I am honoured you chose my lines Hannu to begin your breeding programme with and I wish you great success.''

Enid Clark

Hunterslea Koolies


Both dogs are working our sheep farm. They help us in field and winter time inside barn. Also we have two Border Collies Lyyti and Pietu both breeds can working together and playing together. They have happy lifes. 

Li have passed Border Collies and Australian Kelpies herding test trials 2012, he was first Koolie in Finland who have doing that. Im so proud him!

Dawn ’s favorite place, our stairs. 

My dogs health test results:

Dawn: N/CEA , not carrying dilute or merle gene ( D/D and N/N)

            Hips; A/A and elbows 0/0, back LTV 0 and VA 0


Li: N/CEA, not carrying dilute or merle gene (D/D and N/N)

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